La Panera was the main storeroom of the Gordoncillo Flour Factory. It is a large warehouse built around 1940, with soil perimeter walls (using the techniques of rammed earth and adobe) and covered with a poplar wood structure coated with curved tile.
Its original functions were the following: in its ground floor it kept wheat and other cereals, under the supervision of the National Wheat Service; the upper floor was the warehouse of the final products of the Flour Factory ?Marina Luz?.

The high quality of the Panera construction, erected by the Peña bricklayers, combined with the great value of the local architecture it represents, make this great building a symbol of Gordoncillo.
Its beauty has led to transform the interior of the upper floor of La Panera de Gordoncillo into a stunning Temporary Exhibition Hall. There are visible both its soil walls ? with numerous windows that once kept the interior ventilated in order to preserve flour ? and the poplar wood structure that shapes the roof. It reminds us of being inside an old ship that sails the surrounding cereal-growing seas.
This large room temporary exhibitions of all kinds of plastic arts. To admire artistic creations in this space supposes a unique experience, since the works converse intensely with the original design, as the MIHACALE has respected its original purpose as a flour warehouse adapting it to its new current use with hanging systems and lighting that match its aesthetics.

Junta Castilla y León